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2.2 Relnotes: more info on association proxies

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@@ -196,6 +196,8 @@ User.find_by_name!('Moby')
Active Record association proxies now respect the scope of methods on the proxied object. Previously (given User has_one :account) +@user.account.private_method+ would call the private method on the associated Account object. That fails in Rails 2.2; if you need this functionality, you should use +@user.account.send(:private_method)+ (or make the method public instead of private or protected). Please note that if you're overriding +method_missing+, you should also override +respond_to+ to match the behavior in order for associations to function normally.
* Lead Contributor: Adam Milligan
+* More information:
+ - link:[Rails 2.2 Change: Private Methods on Association Proxies are Private]
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