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Fixes readme links better - earlier links broke when the current page…

… is anything other than Even (without the trailing slash) broke the readme links. Also change the rakefile that generates the rdoc readme accordingly
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1 parent 9ecc443 commit c3bd6bb75fdbeb8f5d92b12ed2a9f5d4958d2f9c @vijaydev vijaydev committed Aug 13, 2011
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@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ you to present the data from database rows as objects and embellish these data o
with business logic methods. Although most Rails models are backed by a database, models
can also be ordinary Ruby classes, or Ruby classes that implement a set of interfaces as
provided by the ActiveModel module. You can read more about Active Record in its
The Controller layer is responsible for handling incoming HTTP requests and providing a
suitable response. Usually this means returning HTML, but Rails controllers can also
@@ -29,7 +29,7 @@ In Rails, the Controller and View layers are handled together by Action Pack.
These two layers are bundled in a single package due to their heavy interdependence.
This is unlike the relationship between Active Record and Action Pack which are
independent. Each of these packages can be used independently outside of Rails. You
-can read more about Action Pack in its {README}[link:blob/master/actionpack/README.rdoc].
+can read more about Action Pack in its {README}[link:/rails/rails/blob/master/actionpack/README.rdoc].
== Getting Started
@@ -74,7 +74,7 @@ do |rdoc|
# since no autolinking happens there and RDoc displays the backslash
# otherwise.
rdoc_main.gsub!(/^(?=\S).*?\b(?=Rails)\b/) { "#$&\\" }
- rdoc_main.gsub!(%r{link:blob/master/(\w+)/README\.rdoc}, "link:files/\\1/README_rdoc.html")
+ rdoc_main.gsub!(%r{link:/rails/rails/blob/master/(\w+)/README\.rdoc}, "link:files/\\1/README_rdoc.html"), 'w') do |f|

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