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Use the new RAILS_VERSION in rake install (ht: ZhangJinzhu) [#4116 st…

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commit c428fbdb1d4773b177247e0648c933ad9cc92a44 1 parent faeca69
@wycats wycats authored
Showing with 5 additions and 3 deletions.
  1. +5 −3 Rakefile
8 Rakefile
@@ -49,13 +49,15 @@ end
desc "Install gems for all projects."
task :install => :gem do
+ version ="RAILS_VERSION").strip
require File.expand_path("../actionpack/lib/action_pack/version", __FILE__)
jinzhu added a note

maybe we can remove this line? I think it's already useless.

KieranP added a note

Agreed. Doesn't look like it needs to be required anymore.

Edit: Looks to have been removed in

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(PROJECTS - ["railties"]).each do |project|
puts "INSTALLING #{project}"
- system("gem install #{project}/pkg/#{project}-#{ActionPack::VERSION::STRING}.gem --no-ri --no-rdoc")
+ system("gem install #{project}/pkg/#{project}-#{version}.gem --no-ri --no-rdoc")
- system("gem install railties/pkg/railties-#{ActionPack::VERSION::STRING}.gem --no-ri --no-rdoc")
- system("gem install pkg/rails-#{ActionPack::VERSION::STRING}.gem --no-ri --no-rdoc")
+ system("gem install railties/pkg/railties-#{version}.gem --no-ri --no-rdoc")
+ system("gem install pkg/rails-#{version}.gem --no-ri --no-rdoc")
desc "Generate documentation for the Rails framework"

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