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Added proper USAGE to the scaffold_resource generator [DHH]

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- Explain the generator
+ The scaffold resource generator creates a model, a controller, and a set of templates for use in a REST-like,
+ resource-oriented fashion. This basically means that it follows a set of conventions to exploit the full set of
+ HTTP verbs (GET/POST/PUT/DELETE) and is prepared for multi-client access (like one view for HTML, one for an XML
+ API, one for ATOM, etc). Everything comes with sample unit and functional tests as well.
+ The generator takes the name of the model as its first argument. This model name is then pluralized to get the
+ controller name. So "scaffold_resource post" will generate a Post model and a PostsController and will be intended
+ for URLs like /posts and /posts/45.
+ As additional parameters, the generator will take attribute pairs described by name and type. These attributes will
+ be used to prepopulate the migration to create the table for the model and to give you a set of templates for the
+ view. For example, "scaffold_resource post title:string created_on:date body:text published:boolean" will give
+ you a model with those four attributes, forms to create and edit those models from, and an index that'll list them
+ all.
+ You don't have to think up all attributes up front, but it's a good idea of adding just the baseline of what's
+ needed to start really working with the resource.
- ./script/generate scaffold_resource Thing
- This will create:
- what/will/it/create
+ ./script/generate scaffold_resource post # no attributes, view will be anemic
+ ./script/generate scaffold_resource post title:string created_on:date body:text published:boolean
+ ./script/generate scaffold_resource purchase order_id:integer created_at:datetime amount:decimal

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