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[ci skip] Rename: Rails Database Migration to Active Record Migration.

This will need to setup permanent redirect for the old guide.
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JuanitoFatas committed Jun 10, 2014
1 parent 44b7d6c commit c4c3a44685b4cfb1ffd4c27309ccfbf1bb53d4e5
@@ -13,8 +13,8 @@
url: active_record_basics.html
description: This guide will get you started with models, persistence to database and the Active Record pattern and library.
- name: Rails Database Migrations
- url: migrations.html
+ name: Active Record Migrations
+ url: active_record_migrations.html
description: This guide covers how you can use Active Record migrations to alter your database in a structured and organized manner.
name: Active Record Validations

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