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restores the example for fixed-width font in API guidelines

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1 parent 7a2be37 commit c577e90f61b060164589e7112838e461c42bfe29 @fxn fxn committed Nov 10, 2010
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@@ -115,6 +115,16 @@ Use fixed-width fonts for:
* method parameters
* file names
+class Array
+ # Calls <tt>to_param</tt> on all its elements and joins the result with
+ # slashes. This is used by <tt>url_for</tt> in Action Pack.
+ def to_param
+ collect { |e| e.to_param }.join '/'
+ end
WARNING: Using a pair of +&#43;...&#43;+ for fixed-width font only works with *words*; that is: anything matching <tt>\A\w&#43;\z</tt>. For anything else use +&lt;tt&gt;...&lt;/tt&gt;+, notably symbols, setters, inline snippets, etc:
h4. Regular Font

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