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Merge pull request #5087 from pwnall/no_view_logger

Remove reference to config.action_view.logger from Rails configuration guide
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2 parents fadad9f + 64fa7f7 commit c5c3274b65cfac4eb9f4c282b0b3d730bf9af596 @tenderlove tenderlove committed Feb 22, 2012
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@@ -337,7 +337,7 @@ h4. Configuring Action Dispatch
h4. Configuring Action View
-There are only a few configuration options for Action View, starting with four on +ActionView::Base+:
+There are only a few configuration options for Action View, starting with three on +ActionView::Base+:
* +config.action_view.field_error_proc+ provides an HTML generator for displaying errors that come from Active Record. The default is
@@ -347,8 +347,6 @@ { |html_tag, instance| %Q(<div class="field_with_errors">#{html_tag}</d
* +config.action_view.default_form_builder+ tells Rails which form builder to use by default. The default is +ActionView::Helpers::FormBuilder+.
-* +config.action_view.logger+ accepts a logger conforming to the interface of Log4r or the default Ruby Logger class, which is then used to log information from Action Mailer. Set to +nil+ to disable logging.
* +config.action_view.erb_trim_mode+ gives the trim mode to be used by ERB. It defaults to +'-'+. See the "ERB documentation": for more information.
* +config.action_view.javascript_expansions+ is a hash containing expansions that can be used for the JavaScript include tag. By default, this is defined as:

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