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*Rails 3.1.0 (unreleased)*
+* Param values are `paramified` in controller tests. [David Chelimsky]
* x_sendfile_header now defaults to nil and config/environments/production.rb doesn't set a particular value for it. This allows servers to set it through X-Sendfile-Type. [Santiago Pastorino]
* The submit form helper does not generate an id "object_name_id" anymore. [fbrusatti]
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*Rails 3.1.0 (unreleased)*
+* ActiveSupport::Dependencies#load and ActiveSupport::Dependencies#require now
+return the value from `super` [Aaron Patterson]
+* Fixed ActiveSupport::Gzip to work properly in Ruby 1.8 [Guillermo Iguaran]
+* Kernel.require_library_or_gem was deprecated and will be removed in Rails 3.2.0 [Josh Kalderimis]
+* ActiveSupport::Duration#duplicable? was fixed for Ruby 1.8 [thedarkone]
+* ActiveSupport::BufferedLogger set log encoding to BINARY, but still use text
+mode to output portable newlines. [fxn]
* ActiveSupport::Dependencies now raises NameError if it finds an existing constant in load_missing_constant. This better reflects the nature of the error which is usually caused by calling constantize on a nested constant. [Andrew White]
* Deprecated ActiveSupport::SecureRandom in favour of SecureRandom from the standard library [Jon Leighton]
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*Rails 3.1.0 (unreleased)*
+* The default database schema file is written as UTF-8. [Aaron Patterson]
+* Generated apps with --dev or --edge flags depend on git versions of
+sass-rails and coffee-rails. [Santiago Pastorino]
+* Rack::Sendfile middleware is used only if x_sendfile_header is present. [Santiago Pastorino]
+* Add JavaScript Runtime name to the Rails Info properties. [DHH]
+* Make pp enabled by default in Rails console. [Akira Matsuda]
+* Add alias `r` for rails runner. [Jordi Romero]
* Make sprockets/railtie require explicit and add --skip-sprockets to app generator [José Valim]
* Added Rails.groups that automatically handles Rails.env and ENV["RAILS_GROUPS"] [José Valim]

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