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AS guide: explains File.atomic_write

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h3. Extensions to +File+
+h4. +atomic_write+
+With the class method +File.atomic_write+ you can write to a file in a way that will prevent any reader from seeing half-written content.
+The name of the file is passed as an argument, and the method yields a file handle opened for writing. Once the block is done +atomic_write+ closes the file handle and completes its job.
+For example, Action Pack uses this method to write asset cache files like +all.css+:
+File.atomic_write(joined_asset_path) do |cache|
+ cache.write(join_asset_file_contents(asset_paths))
+To accomplish this +atomic_write+ creates a temporary file. That's the file the code in the block actually writes to. On completion, the temporary file is renamed. If the target file exists +atomic_write+ overwrites it and keeps owners and permissions.
+WARNING. Note you can't append with +atomic_write+.
+The auxiliary file is written in a standard directory for temporary files, but you can pass a directory of your choice as second argument.
h3. Extensions to +Exception+

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