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h2. Ruby on Rails 3.0 Release Notes
-Rails 3.0 is a landmark release as it delivers on the Merb/Rails merge promise made in December 2008. Rails 3.0 provides major upgrades to all of the components of Rails, including a complete overhaul of the router and query APIs.
+Rails 3.0 is ponies and rainbows! It's going to cook you dinner and fold your laundry. You're going to wonder how life was ever possible before you it arrived. It's the Best Version of Rails We've Ever Done!
-One of the main achievements of this release, is that while there are loads of new features, old APIs have been deprecated with warnings wherever possible, so that you can implement the new features and conventions at your own pace. There is a backwards compatibility layer that will be supported during 3.0.x and removed in 3.1.
+But seriously now, it's really good stuff. There are all the good ideas brought over from when the Merb team joined the party and brought a focus on framework agnosticism, slimmer and faster internals, and a handful of tasty APIs. If you're coming to Rails 3.0 from Merb 1.x, you should recognize lots. If you're coming from Rails 2.x, you're going to love it too.
-Rails 3.0 adds Active Model ORM abstraction, Abstract Controller generic controller abstraction as well as a consistent Plugin API giving developers full access to all the Rails internals that make Action Mailer, Action Controller, Action View, Active Record and Active Resource work.
+Even if you don't give a hoot about any of our internal cleanups, Rails 3.0 is going to delight. We have a bunch of new features and improved APIs. It's never been a better time to be a Rails developer. Some of the highlights are:
-These release notes cover the major upgrades, but don't include every little bug fix and change. If you want to see everything, check out the "commit diff": of all commits that are in Rails 3.0 that are not in Rails 2.3.5 branch.
+* Brand new router with an emphasis on RESTful declarations
+* New Action Mailer API modelled after Action Controller (now without the agonizing pain of sending multipart messages!)
+* New Active Record chainable query language built on top of relational algebra
+* Unobtrusive JavaScript helpers with drivers for Prototype, jQuery, and more coming (end of inline JS)
+* Explicit dependency management with Bundler
+On top of all that, we've tried our best to deprecate the old APIs with nice warnings. That means that you can move your existing application to Rails 3 without immediately rewriting all your old code to the latest best practices.
+These release notes cover the major upgrades, but don't include every little bug fix and change. Rails 3.0 consists of almost 4,000 commits by more than 250 authors! If you want to see everything, check out the "list of commits": in the main Rails repository on GitHub.

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