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NOTE: In order to use this helper, you need to install [DynamicForm](
gem by adding this line to your Gemfile: `gem 'dynamic_form'`.
+### Translations for Action Mailer E-Mail Subjects
+If you don't pass a subject to the `mail` method, Action Mailer will try to find
+it in your translations. The performed lookup will use the pattern
+`<mailer_scope>.<action_name>.subject` to construct the key.
+# user_mailer.rb
+class UserMailer < ActionMailer::Base
+ def welcome(user)
+ #...
+ end
+ user_mailer:
+ welcome:
+ subject: "Welcome to Rails Guides!"
### Overview of Other Built-In Methods that Provide I18n Support
Rails uses fixed strings and other localizations, such as format strings and other format information in a couple of helpers. Here's a brief overview.

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