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Rephrase ActiveRecord transaction rollback warning

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@@ -204,7 +204,7 @@ As you start registering new callbacks for your models, they will be queued for
The whole callback chain is wrapped in a transaction. If any _before_ callback method returns exactly `false` or raises an exception, the execution chain gets halted and a ROLLBACK is issued; _after_ callbacks can only accomplish that by raising an exception.
-WARNING. Raising an arbitrary exception may break code that expects `save` and its friends not to fail like that. The `ActiveRecord::Rollback` exception is thought precisely to tell Active Record a rollback is going on. That one is internally captured but not reraised.
+WARNING. Any exception that is not `ActiveRecord::Rollback` will be re-raised by Rails after the callback chain is halted. Raising an exception other than `ActiveRecord::Rollback` may break code that does not expect methods like `save` and `update_attributes` (which normally try to return `true` or `false`) to raise an exception.
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