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@@ -264,6 +264,9 @@ Produces:
* Form label helper now pulls values from I18n with a single value, so <tt>f.label :name</tt> will pull the <tt>:name</tt> translation.
* I18n select label on should now be instead of
* You no longer need to place a minus sign at the end of a ruby interpolation inside an ERb template to remove the trailing carriage return in the HTML output.
+* Added +grouped_collection_select+ helper to Action View.
+* Action View now will raise exceptions if CSS stylesheets and javascript files listed in the +javascript_include_tag+ and +stylesheet_include_tag+ helpers are missing.
+* +content_for?+ has been added allowing you to check for the existence of content in a view before rendering.
h3. Active Model
@@ -350,6 +353,11 @@ More Information:
* "Active Record Query Interface":
* "Let your SQL Growl in Rails 3":
+h4. Enhancements
+* Added <tt>:destroyed?</tt> to Active Record objects.
+* Added <tt>:inverse_of</tt> to Active Record associations allowing you to pull the instance of an already loaded association without hitting the database.
h4. Patches and Deprecations
Additionally, many fixes in the Active Record branch:
@@ -359,6 +367,7 @@ Additionally, many fixes in the Active Record branch:
* PostgreSQL adapter has had it's +TIME ZONE+ support fixed so it no longer inserts incorrect values.
* PostgreSQL support for the XML data type column.
* +table_name+ is now cached.
+* Large amount of work done on the Oracle adapter with many fixes.
As well as the following deprecations:
@@ -370,6 +379,8 @@ As well as the following deprecations:
* validates_presence_of => validates... :presence => true
* <tt>ActiveRecord::Base.colorize_logging</tt> and <tt>config.active_record.colorize_logging</tt> are deprecated in favour of <tt>Rails::Subscriber.colorize_logging</tt> or <tt>config.colorize_logging</tt>
+NOTE: while an implementation of State Machine has been in Active Record edge for some months now, it has been removed from the Rails 3.0 release.
h3. Active Resource
Active Resource was also extracted out to Active Model allowing you to use Active Resource objects with Action Pack seamlessly.

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