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Remove references to 'vendored plugins' except to note they used to e…

…xist but are deprecated. 'gemified plugin' is the only supported option now.
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h3. Setup
-Before you continue, take a moment to decide if your new plugin will be potentially shared across different Rails applications.
+_"vendored plugins"_ were available in previous versions of Rails, but they are deprecated in
+Rails 3.2, and will not be available in the future.
-* If your plugin is specific to your application, your new plugin will be a _vendored plugin_.
-* If you think your plugin may be used across applications, build it as a _gemified plugin_.
+Currently, Rails plugins are built as gems, _gemified plugins_. They can be shared accross
+different rails applications using RubyGems and Bundler if desired.
h4. Generate a gemified plugin.
-Writing your Rails plugin as a gem, rather than as a vendored plugin,
- lets you share your plugin across different rails applications using
- RubyGems and Bundler.
Rails 3.1 ships with a +rails plugin new+ command which creates a
skeleton for developing any kind of Rails extension with the ability

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