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@@ -105,6 +105,13 @@ class MissingFile < ActionControllerError #:nodoc:
# Any object can be placed in the session (as long as it can be Marshalled). But remember that 1000 active sessions each storing a
# 50kb object could lead to a 50MB memory overhead. In other words, think carefully about size and caching before resorting to the use
# of the session.
+ #
+ # If you store a model in the session, you must also include a line like:
+ #
+ # model :person
+ #
+ # For that particular controller. In Rails, you can also just add it in your app/controller/application.rb file (so the model is available
+ # for all controllers). This lets Action Pack know to have the model definition loaded before retrieving the object from the session.
# For removing objects from the session, you can either assign a single key to nil, like <tt>@session[:person] = nil</tt>, or you can
# remove the entire session with reset_session.

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