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Update I18n guide with details on multilingual Inflector [ci skip]

Sorry; I forgot about the guides when I submitted this patch.

Signed-off-by: David Celis <>
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David Celis
David Celis committed Jul 31, 2012
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TIP: Right now you might need to add some more date/time formats in order to make the I18n backend work as expected (at least for the 'pirate' locale). Of course, there's a great chance that somebody already did all the work by *translating Rails' defaults for your locale*. See the "rails-i18n repository at Github": for an archive of various locale files. When you put such file(s) in +config/locales/+ directory, they will automatically be ready for use.
+h4. Inflection Rules For Other Locales
+Rails 4.0 allows you to define inflection rules (such as rules for singularization and pluralization) for locales other than English. In +config/initializers/inflections.rb+, you can define these rules for multiple locales. The initializer contains a default example for specifying rules for Spanish; follow that format for other locales as you see fit.
h4. Localized Views
Rails 2.3 introduces another convenient localization feature: localized views (templates). Let's say you have a _BooksController_ in your application. Your _index_ action renders content in +app/views/books/index.html.erb+ template. When you put a _localized variant_ of this template: ** in the same directory, Rails will render content in this template, when the locale is set to +:es+. When the locale is set to the default locale, the generic +index.html.erb+ view will be used. (Future Rails versions may well bring this _automagic_ localization to assets in +public+, etc.)

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