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correct invalid GROUP BY query

GROUP BY value must appear in SELECT clause
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1 parent 6a1803a commit cfab51c819111d1dff3e6094e49ed33bc9262305 @amatsuda amatsuda committed Jun 29, 2011
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@@ -466,15 +466,15 @@ To apply a +GROUP BY+ clause to the SQL fired by the finder, you can specify the
For example, if you want to find a collection of the dates orders were created on:
<ruby>"date(created_at)").order("created_at")"date(created_at) as ordered_date, sum(price) as total_price").group("date(created_at)")
And this will give you a single +Order+ object for each date where there are orders in the database.
The SQL that would be executed would be something like this:
-SELECT * FROM orders GROUP BY date(created_at) ORDER BY created_at
+SELECT date(created_at) as ordered_date, sum(price) as total_price FROM orders GROUP BY date(created_at)
h3. Having

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