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New CHANGELOG entries always on top [ci skip]

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## Rails 4.0.0.beta1 (February 25, 2013) ##
+* Fix overriding of attributes by default_scope on `ActiveRecord::Base#dup`.
+ *Hiroshige UMINO*
* Fixing issue #8345. Now throwing an error when one attempts to touch a
new object that has not yet been persisted. For instance:
@@ -181,10 +185,6 @@
*Justin George*
-* Fix overriding of attributes by default_scope on `ActiveRecord::Base#dup`.
- *Hiroshige UMINO*
* The database adpters now converts the options passed thought `DATABASE_URL`
environment variable to the proper Ruby types before using. For example, SQLite requires
that the timeout value is an integer, and PostgreSQL requires that the

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Thank you for rearrangement!


Thank you for the patch :smile:

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