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Update CHANGELOG to mention the new SafeBuffer change

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*Rails 3.1.0 (unreleased)*
+* Fix escape_js to work correctly with the new SafeBuffer restriction [Paul Gallagher]
+* Brought back alternative convention for namespaced models in i18n [thoefer]
+ Now the key can be either "namespace.model" or "namespace/model" until further deprecation.
+* It is prohibited to perform a in-place SafeBuffer mutation [tenderlove]
+ The old behavior of SafeBuffer allowed you to mutate string in place via
+ method like `sub!`. These methods can add unsafe strings to a safe buffer,
+ and the safe buffer will continue to be marked as safe.
+ An example problem would be something like this:
+ <%= link_to('hello world', @user).sub!(/hello/, params[:xss]) %>
+ In the above example, an untrusted string (`params[:xss]`) is added to the
+ safe buffer returned by `link_to`, and the untrusted content is successfully
+ sent to the client without being escaped. To prevent this from happening
+ `sub!` and other similar methods will now raise an exception when they are called on a safe buffer.
+ In addition to the in-place versions, some of the versions of these methods which return a copy of the string will incorrectly mark strings as safe. For example:
+ <%= link_to('hello world', @user).sub(/hello/, params[:xss]) %>
+ The new versions will now ensure that *all* strings returned by these methods on safe buffers are marked unsafe.
+ You can read more about this change in
* Warn if we cannot verify CSRF token authenticity [José Valim]
* Allow AM/PM format in datetime selectors [Aditya Sanghi]

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