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Merge pull request #9008 from ranjaykrishna/dbcreate

Added a new rake task in activerecord
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2 parents a1c0e51 + 3e74012 commit d4261d8562a3fa9be3d04235077543d92d8cfd23 @guilleiguaran guilleiguaran committed Jan 20, 2013
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@@ -41,6 +41,7 @@ end
namespace :db do
task :create => ['mysql:build_databases', 'postgresql:build_databases']
+ task :drop => ['mysql:drop_databases', 'postgresql:drop_databases']
%w( mysql mysql2 postgresql sqlite3 sqlite3_mem firebird db2 oracle sybase openbase frontbase jdbcmysql jdbcpostgresql jdbcsqlite3 jdbcderby jdbch2 jdbchsqldb ).each do |adapter|

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