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@@ -364,6 +364,19 @@ The SQL that would be executed would be something like this:
SELECT * FROM orders GROUP BY date(created_at)
+== Having
+The having option allows you to specify SQL and acts as a kind of a filter on the group option. +:having+ can only be specified when +:group+ is specified.
+An example of using it would be:
+[source, ruby]
+Order.all(:group => "date(created_at)", :having => ["created_at > ?", - 1.month])
+This will return single order objects for each day, but only for the last month.
== Read Only
Readonly is a +find+ option that you can set in order to make that instance of the record read-only. Any attempt to alter or destroy the record will not succeed, raising an ActiveRecord::ReadOnlyRecord exception. To set this option, specify it like this:
@@ -759,6 +772,7 @@ Thanks to Mike Gunderloy for his tips on creating this guide.[Lighthouse ticket]
+* December 22 2008: Added section on having.
* December 22 2008: Added description of how to make hash conditions use an IN expression[mentioned here]
* December 22 2008: Mentioned using SQL as values for the lock option as mentioned in[this ticket]
* December 21 2008: Fixed[this ticket] minus two points; the lock SQL syntax and the having option.

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