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Fix documentation for mailer generator

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@@ -2,16 +2,15 @@ Description:
The mailer generator creates stubs for a new mailer and its views.
The generator takes a mailer name and a list of views as arguments.
- The mailer name may be given in CamelCase or under_score and should
- not be suffixed with 'Mailer'.
+ The mailer name may be given in CamelCase or under_score.
The generator creates a mailer class in app/models with view templates
in app/views/mailer_name, and a test suite with fixtures in test/unit.
./script/generate mailer Notifications signup forgot_password invoice
- This will create a NotificationsMailer:
+ This will create a Notifications mailer class:
Mailer: app/models/notifications.rb
Views: app/views/notifications/signup.rhtml [...]
Test: test/unit/credit_card_controller_test.rb

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