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Fix associations presence lost in steve's reformat

messes up

Hopefully there is other stuff lost in translation...
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1 parent e927ba9 commit d5badea28c77f2176bdac9bf68a0e2c3c30fecd3 Jay Hayes committed Dec 13, 2012
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@@ -503,8 +503,8 @@ end
If you want to be sure that an association is present, you'll need to test
-whether the foreign key used to map the association is present, and not the
-associated object itself.
+whether the associated object itself is present, and not the foreign key used
+to map the association.
class LineItem < ActiveRecord::Base

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Ruby on Rails member

Would you mind mentioning me like @steveklabnik when you find these kinds of things? I never knew any of it was lost, now I can double check my changes to make sure I didn't lose anything. Thanks! ❤️

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