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Skipping test for OpenSSL::PKCS5 JRuby

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commit d67f761a9ed065bc4e59ab3424b50441a3e6678b 1 parent 8caafd9
@arunagw arunagw authored
Showing with 10 additions and 0 deletions.
  1. +10 −0 actionpack/test/dispatch/cookies_test.rb
10 actionpack/test/dispatch/cookies_test.rb
@@ -1,4 +1,12 @@
require 'abstract_unit'
+ require 'openssl'
+ OpenSSL::PKCS5
+rescue LoadError, NameError
+ $stderr.puts "Skipping KeyGenerator test: broken OpenSSL install"
@claudiob Collaborator
claudiob added a note

Hello @arunagw !

I know this is a long shot but… do you remember why this begin/rescue was needed in the first place?
In other words, in which case OpenSSL::PKCS5 might raise an error?

I've seen the same type of code was introduced in def2ccb, 35598db and a6a0904 and the only hint I got is that it might be related to JRuby. Does that ring a bell?

I have a feeling we can safely remove the begin/rescue and Travis CI would still be happy, but I'd like to know your opinion first. Thanks! :lollipop:

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# FIXME remove DummyKeyGenerator and this require in 4.1
require 'active_support/key_generator'
require 'active_support/message_verifier'
@@ -724,3 +732,5 @@ def assert_not_cookie_header(expected)
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