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synchronize Active Record deprecations / removals with 4.2 release notes

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@@ -45,8 +45,7 @@
*Yves Senn*
-* Deprecate `serialized_attributes` without replacement. You can access its
- behavior by going through the column's type object.
+* Deprecate `serialized_attributes` without replacement.
*Sean Griffin*
24 guides/source/
@@ -132,8 +132,32 @@ Please refer to the
for detailed changes.
+### Removals
+* Removed deprecated method `ActiveRecord::Base.quoted_locking_column`.
+ ([Pull Request](
+* Removed deprecated `ActiveRecord::Migrator.proper_table_name`. Use the
+ `proper_table_name` instance method on `ActiveRecord::Migration` instead.
+ ([Pull Request](
+* Removed `cache_attributes` and friends. All attributes are cached.
+ ([Pull Request](
+* Removed unused `:timestamp` type. Transparently alias it to `:datetime`
+ in all cases. Fixes inconsistencies when column types are sent outside of
+ `ActiveRecord`, such as for XML Serialization.
+ ([Pull Request](
### Deprecations
+* Deprecated returning `nil` from `column_for_attribute` when no column exists.
+ It will return a null object in Rails 5.0
+ ([Pull Request](
+* Deprecated `serialized_attributes` without replacement.
+ ([Pull Request](
* Deprecated using `.joins`, `.preload` and `.eager_load` with associations that
depends on the instance state (i.e. those defined with a scope that takes an
argument) without replacement.

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@senny Thank you! \o/


@senny fyi, we have been adding release notes items in the same order as changelogs (newer on top) for now to make it easy to diff


@chancancode :+1: got it.

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