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Reversing the changes done in c278a2c while still resolving #1857.

The changes broke bulk migration tests and were fixed in 4d256bc;
however that brought back the issue of #1857 and so this commit goes
back to the original scenario and just adds change_table to the list
of methods which are to be recorded in the CommandRecorder. The
method_missing now delegates all calls to the underlying connection as
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vijaydev authored and jonleighton committed Jul 2, 2011
1 parent 9ed0632 commit d7643784894587950cd50cbf794459c232e699c3
@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@ def respond_to?(*args) # :nodoc:
super || delegate.respond_to?(*args)
- [:create_table, :rename_table, :add_column, :remove_column, :rename_index, :rename_column, :add_index, :remove_index, :add_timestamps, :remove_timestamps, :change_column, :change_column_default].each do |method|
+ [:create_table, :change_table, :rename_table, :add_column, :remove_column, :rename_index, :rename_column, :add_index, :remove_index, :add_timestamps, :remove_timestamps, :change_column, :change_column_default].each do |method|
class_eval <<-EOV, __FILE__, __LINE__ + 1
def #{method}(*args) # def create_table(*args)
record(:"#{method}", args) # record(:create_table, args)
@@ -91,15 +91,11 @@ def invert_add_timestamps(args)
[:remove_timestamps, args]
- # Record all the methods called in the +change+ method of a migration.
- # This will ensure that IrreversibleMigration is raised when the corresponding
- # invert_method does not exist while the migration is rolled back.
+ # Forwards any missing method call to the \target.
def method_missing(method, *args, &block)
- if delegate.respond_to?(method)
- delegate.send(method, *args, &block)
- else
- record(method, args)
- end
+ @delegate.send(method, *args, &block)
+ rescue NoMethodError => e
+ raise e, e.message.sub(/ for #<.*$/, " via proxy for #{@delegate}")
@@ -14,11 +14,9 @@ def america; end
assert recorder.respond_to?(:america)
- def test_non_existing_method_records_and_raises_on_inversion
- @recorder.send(:non_existing_method, :horses)
- assert_equal 1, @recorder.commands.length
- assert_raises(ActiveRecord::IrreversibleMigration) do
- @recorder.inverse
+ def test_send_calls_super
+ assert_raises(NoMethodError) do
+ @recorder.send(:non_existing_method, :horses)

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