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@@ -346,13 +346,15 @@ has_many :things, :conditions => proc { "foo = #{bar}" } # after
Inside the proc, +self+ is the object which is the owner of the association, unless you are eager loading the association, in which case +self+ is the class which the association is within.
You can have any "normal" conditions inside the proc, so the following will work too:
has_many :things, :conditions => proc { ["foo = ?", bar] }
* Previously +:insert_sql+ and +:delete_sql+ on +has_and_belongs_to_many+ association allowed you to call 'record' to get the record being inserted or deleted. This is now passed as an argument to the proc.
* Added <tt>ActiveRecord::Base#has_secure_password</tt> (via <tt>ActiveModel::SecurePassword</tt>) to encapsulate dead-simple password usage with BCrypt encryption and salting.
# Schema: User(name:string, password_digest:string, password_salt:string)
class User < ActiveRecord::Base

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