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Removed deprecated #original_exception in ActiveJob::DeserializationE…
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rafaelfranca committed Oct 10, 2016
1 parent b9ba263 commit d861a1fcf8401a173876489d8cee1ede1cecde3b
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@@ -1,3 +1,7 @@
* Removed deprecated `#original_exception` in `ActiveJob::DeserializationError`.

*Rafael Mendonça França*

* Added instance variable `@queue` to JobWrapper.

This will fix issues in [resque-scheduler]( `#job_to_hash` method,
@@ -5,22 +5,10 @@ module ActiveJob
# Wraps the original exception raised as +cause+.
class DeserializationError < StandardError
def initialize(e = nil) #:nodoc:
if e
ActiveSupport::Deprecation.warn("Passing #original_exception is deprecated and has no effect. " \
"Exceptions will automatically capture the original exception.", caller)

def initialize #:nodoc:
super("Error while trying to deserialize arguments: #{$!.message}")
set_backtrace $!.backtrace

# The original exception that was raised during deserialization of job
# arguments.
def original_exception
ActiveSupport::Deprecation.warn("#original_exception is deprecated. Use #cause instead.", caller)

# Raised when an unsupported argument type is set as a job argument. We

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