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@@ -492,12 +492,14 @@ Overview of the I18n API Features
You should have good understanding of using the i18n library now, knowing all necessary aspects of internationalizing a basic Rails application. In the following chapters, we'll cover it's features in more depth.
+These chapters will show examples using both th `I18n.translate` method as well as the [`translate` view helper method]( (noting the additional feature provide by the view helper method).
Covered are features like these:
* looking up translations
* interpolating data into translations
* pluralizing translations
-* using safe HTML translations
+* using safe HTML translations (view helper method only)
* localizing dates, numbers, currency, etc.
### Looking up Translations
@@ -585,6 +587,8 @@ you can look up the `books.index.title` value **inside** `app/views/books/index.
<%= t '.title' %>
+NOTE: Automatic translation scoping by partial is only available from the `translate` view helper method.
### Interpolation
In many cases you want to abstract your translations so that **variables can be interpolated into the translation**. For this reason the I18n API provides an interpolation feature.
@@ -673,6 +677,8 @@ en:
<div><%= t('title.html') %></div>
+NOTE: Automatic conversion to HTML safe translate text is only available from the `translate` view helper method.
![i18n demo html safe](images/i18n/demo_html_safe.png)
How to Store your Custom Translations

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