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Correcting the documentation which wrongly states that each dynamic f…

…inder creates

method on the class. Only dynamic finders using <tt>scoped_by_*</tt> creates new
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Neeraj Singh
Neeraj Singh committed Aug 2, 2010
1 parent d3eacf9 commit db0e3e5ad1db9bc0204db1dbc4075180bce3bc93
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  1. +4 −7 activerecord/lib/active_record/base.rb
@@ -966,17 +966,14 @@ def compute_table_name
- # Enables dynamic finders like <tt>find_by_user_name(user_name)</tt> and
- # <tt>find_by_user_name_and_password(user_name, password)</tt> that are turned into
- # <tt>where(:user_name => user_name).first</tt> and
- # <tt>where(:user_name => user_name, :password => :password).first</tt>
- # respectively. Also works for <tt>all</tt> by using <tt>find_all_by_amount(50)</tt>
- # that is turned into <tt>where(:amount => 50).all</tt>.
+ # Enables dynamic finders like <tt>User.find_by_user_name(user_name)</tt> and
+ # <tt>User.scoped_by_user_name(user_name). Refer to Dynamic attribute-based finders
+ # section at the top of this file for more detailed information.
# It's even possible to use all the additional parameters to +find+. For example, the
# full interface for +find_all_by_amount+ is actually <tt>find_all_by_amount(amount, options)</tt>.
- # Each dynamic finder, scope or initializer/creator is also defined in the class after it
+ # Each dynamic finder using <tt>scoped_by_*</tt> is also defined in the class after it
# is first invoked, so that future attempts to use it do not run through method_missing.
def method_missing(method_id, *arguments, &block)
if match = DynamicFinderMatch.match(method_id)

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