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Note that while for session values you set the key to +nil+, to delete a cookie value you should use +cookies.delete(:key)+.
+h3. Rendering xml and json data
+ActionController makes it extremely easy to render +xml+ or +json+ data. If you generate a controller using scaffold then your controller would look something like this.
+class UsersController < ApplicationController
+ def index
+ @users = User.all
+ respond_to do |format|
+ format.html # index.html.erb
+ format.xml { render :xml => @users}
+ end
+ end
+Notice that in the above case code is <tt>render :xml => @users</tt> and not <tt>render :xml => @users.to_xml</tt>. That is because if the input is not string then rails automatically invokes +to_xml+ .
h3. Filters
Filters are methods that are run before, after or "around" a controller action.

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