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Add /rails/info/routes method to getting_started

Also fix # to $ for `rake routes` command
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1 parent e427c3b commit ddcda853c1aef19884a4e2153691389211aca3b2 @schneems schneems committed Oct 2, 2012
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@@ -1064,10 +1064,10 @@ If you run `rake routes` from the console you'll see that we already
have a `posts_path` route, which was created automatically by Rails when we
defined the route for the index action.
However, we don't have a `post_path` yet, which is the reason why we
-received an error before.
+received an error before. With your server running you can view your routes by visiting [localhost:3000/rails/info/routes](http://localhost:3000/rails/info/routes), or you can generate them from the command line by running `rake routes`:
-# rake routes
+$ rake routes
posts GET /posts(.:format) posts#index
posts_new GET /posts/new(.:format) posts#new
@@ -1205,7 +1205,7 @@ If you run `rake routes`, you'll see that all the routes that we
declared before are still available:
-# rake routes
+$ rake routes
posts GET /posts(.:format) posts#index
POST /posts(.:format) posts#create
new_post GET /posts/new(.:format) posts#new

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