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Remove some entries from the 4.0 release notes

We need more :heart: in this file. There are a lot of outdated entries.
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25 guides/source/4_0_release_notes.textile
@@ -479,35 +479,10 @@ end
User.stored_attributes[:settings] # [:color, :homepage]
-* <tt>composed_of</tt> was removed. You'll have to write your own accessor and mutator methods if you'd like to use value objects to represent some portion of your models. So, instead of:
-class Person < ActiveRecord::Base
- composed_of :address, :mapping => [ %w(address_street street), %w(address_city city) ]
-you could write something like this:
-def address
- @address ||=, address_city)
-def address=(address)
- self[:address_street] = @address.street
- self[:address_city] =
- @address = address
* PostgreSQL default log level is now 'warning', to bypass the noisy notice messages. You can change the log level using the <tt>min_messages</tt> option available in your <tt>config/database.yml</tt>.
* Add uuid datatype support to PostgreSQL adapter.
-* <tt>update_attribute</tt> has been removed. Use <tt>update_column</tt> if you want to bypass mass-assignment protection, validations, callbacks, and touching of updated_at. Otherwise please use <tt>update_attributes</tt>.
* Added <tt>ActiveRecord::Migration.check_pending!</tt> that raises an error if migrations are pending.
* Added <tt>#destroy!</tt> which acts like <tt>#destroy</tt> but will raise an <tt>ActiveRecord::RecordNotDestroyed</tt> exception instead of returning <tt>false</tt>.
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