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Documented select, collection_select, and country_select #304 [Ulysses]

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@@ -8,15 +8,25 @@ module Helpers
# the actual select tag, so you'll need to construct that in HTML manually.
module FormOptionsHelper
include ERB::Util
+ # Create a select tag and a series of contained option tags for the provided object and method.
+ # The option currenlty held by the object will be selected, provided that the object is available.
+ #
+ # This can be used to provide a default set of options in the standard way: before rendering the create form, a
+ # new model instance is assigned the default options and bound to @model_name. Usually this model is not saved
+ # to the database. Instead, a second model object is created when the create request is received.
+ # This allows the user to submit a form page more than once with the expected results of creating multiple records.
+ # In addition, this allows a single partial to be used to generate form inputs for both edit and create forms.
def select(object, method, choices, options = {}, html_options = {}), method, self).to_select_tag(choices, options, html_options)
+ # Return select and option tags for the given object and method using options_from_collection_for_select to generate the list of option tags.
def collection_select(object, method, collection, value_method, text_method, options = {}, html_options = {}), method, self).to_collection_select_tag(collection, value_method, text_method, options, html_options)
+ # Return select and option tags for the given object and method, using country_options_for_select to generate the list of option tags.
def country_select(object, method, priority_countries = nil, options = {}, html_options = {}), method, self).to_country_select_tag(priority_countries, options, html_options)

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