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attempt at fixing fxn picture in credits page

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@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ p. We'd like to thank the following people for their tireless contributions to t
Pratik Naik is a Ruby on Rails consultant with "ActionRails": and also a member of the "Rails core team": He maintains a blog at "has_many :bugs, :through => :rails": and has an active "twitter account":
<% end %>
-<% author('Xavier Noria', 'fxn', 'fxn.jpg') do %>
+<% author('Xavier Noria', 'fxn', 'fxn.png') do %>
Xavier Noria has been around dynamic languages since 2000. He fell in love with Rails in 2005, and cofounded Rails-based software company <a href="">ASPgems</a> in mid-2006. Xavier is president of the <a href="">Spanish Ruby Users Group</a> and has been involved in Rails in several ways. He enjoys combining his passion for Rails and his past life as a proofreader of math textbooks. Oh, he also "tweets":!
<% end %>

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