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Reload `through_record` that has been destroyed in `create_through_re…


This is an alternative of #27714.

If `has_one :through` association has set `nil`, `through_record` is
destroyed but still remain loaded target in `through_proxy` until
`reload` or `reset` explicitly.

If `through_proxy` is not reset (remain destroyed (frozen) target),
setting new record causes `RuntimeError: Can't modify frozen hash`.

To prevent `RuntimeError`, should reload `through_record` that has been
destroyed in `create_through_record`.
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1 parent 6a1c021 commit e09da8bf7853f8f4f1ebb5c52f9b688a32b4dfaa @kamipo kamipo committed Jan 29, 2017
@@ -22,6 +22,10 @@ def create_through_record(record)
elsif record
attributes = construct_join_attributes(record)
+ if through_record && through_record.destroyed?
+ through_record = through_proxy.tap(&:reload).target
+ end
if through_record
elsif owner.new_record?
@@ -86,6 +86,13 @@ def test_set_record_to_nil_should_delete_association
+ def test_set_record_after_delete_association
+ = nil
+ = clubs(:moustache_club)
+ @member.reload
+ assert_equal clubs(:moustache_club),
+ end
def test_has_one_through_polymorphic
assert_equal clubs(:moustache_club), @member.sponsor_club

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