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commit e28b6f5cae211f56d718517c3e6e92792725f13c 1 parent 521e964
Rafael Mendonça França authored May 13, 2012

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@@ -405,7 +405,7 @@ Whenever Rails sees that the internal value of an option being generated matches
405 405
406 406
 TIP: The second argument to +options_for_select+ must be exactly equal to the desired internal value. In particular if the value is the integer 2 you cannot pass "2" to +options_for_select+ -- you must pass 2. Be aware of values extracted from the +params+ hash as they are all strings.
407 407
-WARNING: +:include_blank+ is forced true if the attributes +required+ is true, display +size+ is one and +multiple+ is not true.
+WARNING: when +:inlude_blank+ or +:prompt:+ are not present, +:include_blank+ is forced true if the select attribute +required+ is true, display +size+ is one and +multiple+ is not true.
409 409
410 410
 h4. Select Boxes for Dealing with Models
411 411

0 notes on commit e28b6f5

Carlos Antonio da Silva

I think the size docs need some update with your latest commits, not?

Rafael Mendonça França

Do you mean the select docs?

Carlos Antonio da Silva

This: display +size+ is one

Rafael Mendonça França

I see. Actually the display size is one by default (even if the attribute is not generated), so I not changed the text.

Carlos Antonio da Silva

Okay.. it's just because it sounded like one'd have to give :size => 1, which is not true, but I may have misinterpreted, so nevermind :).

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