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Nested controller scaffolding also nests the generated layout.

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1 parent f06cae3 commit e448b340ab7be7290fe3b2e5eebe609ba0f6b5da @jeremy jeremy committed
6 railties/CHANGELOG
@@ -1,16 +1,16 @@
-<<<<<<< .mine
+* Nested controller scaffolding also nests the generated layout. [iain d broadf
* Add "require 'dispatcher'" to webrick server in the continuing quest to squash webrick weirdness. [Nicholas Seckar]
* Add autoload_paths support to Initializer. [Nicholas Seckar]
* Fix Dispatcher.reset_application! so that AR subclasses are removed and Observers re-initialized *after* Reloadable classes are removed. Closes #5743. [Rick Olson]
* Clarify usage of script/plugin source. Closes #5344. []
->>>>>>> .r4727
* Add Dispatcher.to_prepare and config.to_prepare to provide a pre-request hook. [Nicholas Seckar]
* Tweak the Rails load order so observers are loaded after plugins, and reloaded in development mode. Closed #5279. [Rick Olson]
1 railties/lib/rails_generator/generators/components/scaffold/scaffold_generator.rb
@@ -70,6 +70,7 @@ def manifest File.join('app/controllers', controller_class_path) File.join('app/helpers', controller_class_path) File.join('app/views', controller_class_path, controller_file_name)
+ File.join('app/views/layouts', controller_class_path) File.join('test/functional', controller_class_path)
# Depend on model generator but skip if the model exists.

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