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Reduced the number of literal aliases to the range that has actually …

…seen personal use. With the massive savings in overhead, I was able to fit Array#forty_two
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1 parent 1d4554d commit e50530ca3ab5db53ebc74314c54b62b91b932389 @dhh dhh committed Nov 21, 2008
@@ -70,7 +70,7 @@
* Added TimeZone #=~, to support matching zones by regex in time_zone_select. #195 [Ernie Miller]
-* Added Array#second through Array#tenth as aliases for Array#[1] through Array#[9] [DHH]
+* Added Array#second through Array#fifth as aliases for Array#[1] through Array#[4] + Array#forty_two as alias for Array[41] [DHH]
* Added test/do declaration style testing to ActiveSupport::TestCase [DHH via Jay Fields]
@@ -43,29 +43,9 @@ def fifth
- # Equal to <tt>self[5]</tt>.
- def sixth
- self[5]
- end
- # Equal to <tt>self[6]</tt>.
- def seventh
- self[6]
- end
- # Equal to <tt>self[7]</tt>.
- def eighth
- self[7]
- end
- # Equal to <tt>self[8]</tt>.
- def ninth
- self[8]
- end
- # Equal to <tt>self[9]</tt>.
- def tenth
- self[9]
+ # Equal to <tt>self[41]</tt>. Also known as accessing "the reddit".
+ def forty_two
+ self[41]
@@ -15,17 +15,13 @@ def test_to
def test_second_through_tenth
- array = (1..10).to_a
+ array = (1..42).to_a
assert_equal array[1], array.second
assert_equal array[2], array.third
assert_equal array[3], array.fourth
assert_equal array[4], array.fifth
- assert_equal array[5], array.sixth
- assert_equal array[6], array.seventh
- assert_equal array[7], array.eighth
- assert_equal array[8], array.ninth
- assert_equal array[9], array.tenth
+ assert_equal array[41], array.fourty_two

13 comments on commit e50530c

kerryb commented on e50530c Nov 21, 2008

Did you forget to run the test after correcting fourty_two to forty_second? ;-)


I’ve been waiting for this for ages.


I am sure I am not getting this.

radar commented on e50530c Nov 21, 2008

This should be Array#forty_second

adkron commented on e50530c Nov 21, 2008

Ok, ok. This is funny. Thanks for reducing the overhead from your previous version.

henrik commented on e50530c Nov 21, 2008



Awesome, though now we’re missing Array#six and Array#nine.

blaix commented on e50530c Nov 21, 2008

Great, now I’ll have to alias_method_chain this to forty_second…

nel commented on e50530c Nov 21, 2008

Don’t need Array#thirty_seven too ?


Um, shouldn’t test_second_through_tenth be renamed to test_second_through_fifth?


Does your test succeed? The method is misspelled, using a ‘u’ where no ‘u’ should be.

Cute, tho’. Nice tip o’ the hat to the late Mr. Adams. Just started re-reading those books. What about 23, 37, and all those other important numbers? ;)

BTW, who uses ‘fourth’ or even ‘third’? (‘fifth’ is right out)

  1. first makes a lot of sense, #last is useful…
zenhob commented on e50530c Jul 23, 2009

@radar is right, this should be Array#forty_second.



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