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### Test Runner
[Pull Request](
A new test runner has been introduced to enhance the capabilities of running tests from Rails.
To use this test runner simply type `bin/rails test`.
Test Runner is inspired from `RSpec`, `minitest-reporters`, `maxitest` and others.
It includes some of these notable advancements:
- Run a single test using line number of test.
- Run multiple tests pinpointing to line number of tests.
- Improved failure messages, which also add ease of re-running failed tests.
- Fail fast using `-f` option, to stop tests immediately on occurrence of failure,
instead of waiting for the suite to complete.
- Defer test output until the end of a full test run using the `-d` option.
- Complete exception backtrace output using `-b` option.
- Integration with `Minitest` to allow options like `-s` for test seed data,
`-n` for running specific test by name, `-v` for better verbose output and so forth.
- Colored test output

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