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Fix my previous commit. Don't say it's been removed when it really


Also change the assert reference to be more consistent with the rest
of the documentation.
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Sean Bryant
Sean Bryant committed Apr 22, 2009
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@@ -413,7 +413,7 @@ h4. Rails Specific Assertions
Rails adds some custom assertions of its own to the +test/unit+ framework:
-NOTE: +assert_valid(record)+ has been deprecated and is no longer available Rails 2.3. Please use +assert record.valid?+ instead.
+NOTE: +assert_valid(record)+ has been deprecated. Please use +assert(record.valid?)+ instead.
|_.Assertion |_.Purpose|
|+assert_valid(record)+ |Ensures that the passed record is valid by Active Record standards and returns any error messages if it is not.|

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