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Allow you to force the authenticity_token to be rendered even on remo…

…te forms if you pass true
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dhh committed Mar 14, 2012
1 parent a4c120f commit e884f4b6b7440ccbeec2149669f34d2a2c14d4fb
@@ -27,7 +27,9 @@ module FormTagHelper
# is added to simulate the verb over post.
# * <tt>:authenticity_token</tt> - Authenticity token to use in the form. Use only if you need to
# pass custom authenticity token string, or to not add authenticity_token field at all
# (by passing <tt>false</tt>).
# (by passing <tt>false</tt>). If this is a remote form, the authenticity_token will by default
# not be included as the ajax handler will get it from the meta-tag (but you can force it to be
# rendered anyway in that case by passing <tt>true</tt>).
# * A list of parameters to feed to the URL the form will be posted to.
# * <tt>:remote</tt> - If set to true, will allow the Unobtrusive JavaScript drivers to control the
# submit behavior. By default this behavior is an ajax submit.
@@ -617,13 +619,15 @@ def html_options_for_form(url_for_options, options)
html_options["action"] = url_for(url_for_options)
html_options["accept-charset"] = "UTF-8"
if html_options.delete("remote")
html_options["data-remote"] = true
html_options["data-remote"] = true if html_options.delete("remote")
if html_options["data-remote"] && html_options["authenticity_token"] == true
# Include the default authenticity_token, which is only generated when its set to nil,
# but we needed the true value to override the default of no authenticity_token on data-remote.
html_options["authenticity_token"] = nil
elsif html_options["data-remote"]
# The authenticity token is taken from the meta tag in this case
html_options["authenticity_token"] = false
html_options["authenticity_token"] = html_options.delete("authenticity_token") if html_options.has_key?("authenticity_token")
@@ -40,6 +40,10 @@ def form_for_remote
render :inline => "<%= form_for(:some_resource, :remote => true ) {} %>"
def form_for_remote_with_token
render :inline => "<%= form_for(:some_resource, :remote => true, :authenticity_token => true ) {} %>"
def rescue_action(e) raise e end
@@ -111,6 +115,13 @@ def test_should_render_form_without_token_tag_if_remote
assert_no_match /authenticity_token/, response.body
def test_should_render_form_with_token_tag_if_remote_and_authenticity_token_requested
assert_not_blocked do
get :form_for_remote_with_token
assert_select 'form>div>input[name=?][value=?]', 'custom_authenticity_token', @token
def test_should_allow_get
assert_not_blocked { get :index }

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