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minor fixes from 5acf76d

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1 parent 7fd8f71 commit e89a25370529cb5dcf507f71675e6dd5aa6ec188 @vijaydev vijaydev committed Jun 8, 2011
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  1. +2 −2 railties/guides/source/configuring.textile
4 railties/guides/source/configuring.textile
@@ -366,12 +366,12 @@ There are a number of settings available on +config.action_mailer+:
* +config.action_mailer.observers+ registers observers which will be notified when mail is delivered.
-config.active_record.observers = ["MailObserver"]
+config.action_mailer.observers = ["MailObserver"]
* +config.action_mailer.interceptors+ registers interceptors which will be called before mail is sent.
-config.active_record.interceptors = ["MailInterceptor"]
+config.action_mailer.interceptors = ["MailInterceptor"]
h4. Configuring Active Resource

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