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[ci skip] Clarify collection caching went EXPLICIT.

Yo dawg, we so explicit if we were a music track, yo' iPhone's Music app would put
an E next to it.

*drops mic*
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kaspth committed Feb 21, 2016
1 parent 6dfcfef commit e93f0f0f133717f9b06b1eaefd3442bd0ff43985
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@@ -197,16 +197,18 @@
*Ulisses Almeida*
-* Collection rendering automatically caches and fetches multiple partials.
+* Collection rendering can cache and fetch multiple partials at once.
Collections rendered as:
- <%= render @notifications %>
- <%= render partial: 'notifications/notification', collection: @notifications, as: :notification %>
+ <%= render partial: 'notifications/notification', collection: @notifications, as: :notification, cached: true %>
- will now read several partials from cache at once, if the template starts with a cache call:
+ will read several partials from cache at once. The templates in the collection
+ that haven't been cached already will automatically be written to cache. Works
+ great alongside individual template fragment caching. For instance if the
+ template the collection renders is cached like:
# notifications/_notification.html.erb
@@ -215,6 +217,9 @@
<% end %>
+ Then any collection renders shares that cache when attempting to read multiple
+ ones at once.
*Kasper Timm Hansen*
* Fixed a dependency tracker bug that caused template dependencies not

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