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[ci skip] second parameter of asset-url is depricated

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1 parent dc8a206 commit eaed8220c2e1c5d4f350a213de93de75ca4b3c69 @skv-headless skv-headless committed Oct 23, 2013
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@@ -405,11 +405,10 @@ JavaScript and stylesheet.
* `image-url("rails.png")` becomes `url(/assets/rails.png)`
* `image-path("rails.png")` becomes `"/assets/rails.png"`.
-The more generic form can also be used but the asset path and class must both be
+The more generic form can also be used:
-* `asset-url("rails.png", image)` becomes `url(/assets/rails.png)`
-* `asset-path("rails.png", image)` becomes `"/assets/rails.png"`
+* `asset-url("rails.png")` becomes `url(/assets/rails.png)`
+* `asset-path("rails.png")` becomes `"/assets/rails.png"`
#### JavaScript/CoffeeScript and ERB

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