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No more app_generators method in 3.1

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commit ebc52a8fd40989d6e75ae87a6a6b0c50a92d04af 1 parent 95ac8b0
@radar radar authored fxn committed
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  1. +0 −2  railties/guides/source/configuring.textile
2  railties/guides/source/configuring.textile
@@ -49,8 +49,6 @@ h4. Rails General Configuration
* +config.allow_concurrency+ should be set to +true+ to allow concurrent (threadsafe) action processing. Set to +false+ by default. You probably don't want to call this one directly, though, because a series of other adjustments need to be made for threadsafe mode to work properly. Can also be enabled with +threadsafe!+.
-* +config.app_generators+ alternate name for +config.generators+. See the "Configuring Generators" section below for how to use this.
* +config.autoload_once_paths+ accepts an array of paths from which Rails will automatically load from only once. All elements of this array must also be in +autoload_paths+.
* +config.autoload_paths+ accepts an array of additional paths to prepend to the load path. By default, all app, lib, vendor and mock paths are included in this list.
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