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* Added all the new HTML5 form types as individual form tag methods (search, url, number, etc) #3646 [Stephen Celis]
* Changed the object used in routing constraints to be an instance of
- ActionDispatch::Request rather than Rack::Request
+ ActionDispatch::Request rather than Rack::Request [YK]
* Changed ActionDispatch::Request#method to return a String, to be compatible
with Rack::Request. Added ActionDispatch::Request#method_symbol to
- return a symbol form of the request method.
+ return a symbol form of the request method. [YK]
* Changed ActionDispatch::Request#method to return the original
method and #request_method to return the overridden method in the
case of methodoverride being used (this means that #method returns
"HEAD" and #request_method returns "GET" in HEAD requests). This
- is for compatibility with Rack::Request
+ is for compatibility with Rack::Request [YK]
*Rails 3.0.0 [beta 2] (April 1st, 2010)*

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