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release notes: updates instructions for installing the current beta

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WARNING: Rails 3.0 is currently in beta. This means that there are probably bugs and that you should "report them": if you see them. You also may not want to run the NORAD nuclear launch application off a beta version. But if you're starting development on a new application and you don't mind getting wind in your hair, please do jump on board!
-TIP: To install the Rails 3 prerelease beta using rubygems you have to install all the Rails dependencies first as these will not be installed for you by rubygems:
+To install the last Rails 3 beta:
# Use sudo if your setup requires it
-gem install tzinfo builder i18n memcache-client rack \
- rake rack-test erubis mail text-format \
- thor bundler
-gem install rack-mount -v=0.4
gem install rails --pre

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