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@@ -250,18 +250,6 @@ $ rails --version
If it says something like "Rails 3.1.1" you are ready to continue.
-h5. Installing a JavaScript Runtime
-By default, Rails requires a JavaScript interpreter to compile CoffeeScript to JavaScript.
-You can install one by running:
-# gem install therubyracer
-Or investigate the list of alternatives give by "ExecJS":
h4. Creating the Blog Application
To begin, open a terminal, navigate to a folder where you have rights to create
@@ -462,6 +450,12 @@ start a web server on your development machine. You can do this by running:
$ rails server
+TIP: Some environments require that you install a JavaScript runtime to compile
+CoffeeScript to JavaScript and will give you an +execjs+ error the first time
+you run +rails server+. +therubyracer+ and +therubyrhino+ are commonly used
+runtimes for Ruby and JRuby respectively. You can also investigate a list
+of runtimes at "ExecJS":
This will fire up an instance of the WEBrick web server by default (Rails can
also use several other web servers). To see your application in action, open a
browser window and navigate to "http://localhost:3000":http://localhost:3000.

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