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Remove mention to register_javascript_include_default in documentation

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1 parent 7d08116 commit ef74ad8e0c0a1c46f7e8983e9d5460dea9bec95e @radar radar committed Oct 11, 2010
3 actionpack/lib/action_view/helpers/asset_tag_helper.rb
@@ -292,9 +292,6 @@ def javascript_path(source)
# * = The application.js file is only referenced if it exists
- # Though it's not really recommended practice, if you need to extend the default JavaScript set for any reason
- # (e.g., you're going to be using a certain .js file in every action), then take a look at the register_javascript_include_default method.
- #
# You can also include all javascripts in the +javascripts+ directory using <tt>:all</tt> as the source:
# javascript_include_tag :all # =>
3 railties/guides/source/action_view_overview.textile
@@ -253,9 +253,6 @@ javascript_include_tag :monkey # =>
<script type="text/javascript" src="/javascripts/tail.js"></script>
-h5. register_javascript_include_default
-Register one or more additional JavaScript files to be included when +javascript_include_tag :defaults+ is called. This method is typically intended to be called from plugin initialization to register additional +.js+ files that the plugin installed in +public/javascripts+.
h5. register_stylesheet_expansion

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